Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24th Utah Holiday :)

Time for another Utah trip! 24th of July means roadtrips, family parties, parades and firework shows.
Because in July I had started teaching Zumba Classes on Saturday mornings, we couldn't leave for our trip until after class. This meant if we didn't want to drive straight through the night (we didn't) that we would stay in a hotel in Boise. Always fun times.

Josie, taking pictures in the back of the car during the roadtrip.

Once we reach's cousins galore :)

Hannah and Josie

Ashlynn and Hannah

Taylor and Reese at the Spanish Fork Res.

Mmmmmmm Mi Ranchito. Josie and Shawlee (Uncle Tom)

Our kickball game seemed to have more arguements than fun. So what should we do next????
I know, let's fight with foam swords.
Ramona and Katelynn go at it.

Games with the Russells. Beckham, Brooke and Travis.

Krisi, Rich, Brooke, Travis, Beanpaw (Grandpa)

24th of July Parade in Spanish Fork
Josie and Auntie Mel

Me and my daddy

Melanie and Me

Mom and Me

I think we spent more time posing for pictures then watching the parade!

Me and my hunny ;)

Josie and Beckham, lunching at their own private table.

Reese posing with Taylor after Tay's performance at the park.

After an early morning parade, lunch with the gang, maybe a ride or two at the fair, we head to Mona for a firework show, music and dance. The fireworks are spectacular, and a bit threatening and the dance is fun for the grown-ups and kids!

Any trip to see family is always great. And the 24th in Utah never dissapoints!
Thanks Utah gang :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th

July 4th at the Lake Wilderness party. It was a little rainy and soggy but a lot of fun to get together with family and play and watch fireworks.