Monday, November 17, 2008

Apron fever

Here are aprons I made for my girls, mine is just like it but I didn't get a picture of me.

Every year I want to start a tradition (one I read about in a magazine years ago) where the gals all wear new aprons to cook on Thanksgiving. So I decided the best place to start is with myself. :) This year, I'LL be wearing my new apron to Thanksgiving. And I've tried to spread the word to my sisters so that maybe someone else will wear their favorite apron and we can get some pics together.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

She's craft-tay.

You might remember this post where the girls and I went out for a walk and collected leaves.

Here's picture of what we made with some of the leaves we collected.
The girls were so excited because they got to use the hot glue gun. I bought the twig wreaths at Joann's and found the swags of acorns there as well. The acorns were 70% off so all in all it was a fun, inexpensive craft. Reese and Ash each had their own book of pressed leaves so they glued them on the wreaths. I ended up walking away because I didn't want to tell them what leaf to glue where, but they asked me to come back to watch them :) Their wreaths are now hung proudly on our front doors.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's ON!!!!

It's ON!
That's what we used to yell to eachother during t.v. programs back in the day. We'd all be enjoying a show together, such as Star Search or Simon and Simon. Then as soon as the commercial's would start everyone would scatter, getting snacks, cleaning chores, or maybe fixing hair if a date was coming to pick up one of the girls. But whatever you were doing, you would soon hear a melodically drawn out "IT's AAAWNNN!" and everyone would run back....claiming their crisscrossed-applesauced seat in the living room.

Now I own a DVR and rarely watch any live t.v. Many times someone will asked me if I've seen a certain commercial and the truth is....I haven't. I forward my commercials.

Also, I've been trying to go to bed earlier and so I've been saving my shows for the following day. Well there's only so much you can do in front of the t.v. withouth feeling guilty about spending all day in front of the t.v. (crochet, scrapbook, laundry, make Relief Society invitations etc.) When will I clean my kitchen? Or make beds in the other room? So I'm tryin' it 80's style. During commercial breaks.

Only during the day there's no one to yell, "it's on!" and I have to listen for Teri Hatcher's whiney voice on Desperate Housewives to know. But at least there's no one stealing my seat.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GOB baby....Get On Board.

Another of my New FAV shows is: KATH & KIM

With Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, 2 ladies each with 2 first names = 1 totally funny show!

Two things make a show a good show...excellent writing (like Fringe) and/or a sprinkling of awesome improv. Which is what K&K seems to have. It's an American version of an Australian show. Having never seen the original I can't compare the two. But NBC's is the type of show that I like to rewatch as I fold laundry because things get funnier and funnier. Like how the BBC Office was or the first couple seasons of NBC's Office.

With lines like: It's every girls dream to show up at her wedding in a horse drawn pumpkin carriage.

Or: The new sandwich Phil and Kath, it tastes like the love we make.

It'll keep ya check it out so we can gab about it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday MONA!

This post is to wish my sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love ya Mona!

Me and You circa 92 could be 93, I'm not sure. I just know our boots are lookin' WAY COOL!

This is us with Lynnae, on my confirmation day, October 81. I remember I LOVED our shoes here too :)