Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Fun

Here's some more summer fun :)

We finally made it to a blueberry farm. It was great. Josie ate blueberries the whole time. Then found she could have a lot of fun feeding them to the chickens.

My new fav snack. Forget microwave popcorn. Stove top is just as easy and healthier for you too considering there's no fake butters and chemicals to consume. Put some olive oil in the pan just a Tablespoon or two. Add 3 kernels of corn. PUT ON THE LID. When those kernels pop - add the other kernels 1/3 to 1/2 a cup. PUT ON THE LID! Shake until the popping stops. (just like microwave popcorn:) Top with melted butter and salt if desired. YUM.

I'm still making bread for my family. It's so delicious and is made with honey instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup and other crazy additives. I use this Gold Medal recipe except I use ALL whole wheat flour and there are a few differences so if you try that recipe and it doesn't work lemme know, I'll tell ya what I do. I usually use the Stone Burh whole wheat flour because it works well and I can sometimes find it in the bigger bags.

Now this here makes me laugh. Josie found these wrist warmers and for some reason when she wears them - she thinks she's a robot. So she'll start doing robot arms and hands and saying, "I beebot. I beebot."

Summer's been a ton of fun. But I'm really looking forward to school starting!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I TRI'd it and I loved it!

It was SO FUN!!!
I was doing this triathlon with my sisters, Tiffany and Cami, and my niece Sara. The night before the race we chatted too long and only got about 4 1/2 to 5 hrs of sleep.
When we got to Waterfront park we were all jittery - not knowing what to expect. We took our bikes down to the racks and tried to prepare ourselves.

This is my transition area. My towel right next to my bike. Yes, that is a cute skateboard helmet and not a bike helmet. I may invest in a new helmet so I look like a real cyclist. My socks are rolled down so they'd be easy to slip on over wet feet. My number is pinned to my shirt so it'll be ready for my run.

Here we are before the race, showing off our numbers. With numbers on the arm you REALLY feel like a triathlete. They told me too look mean but I couldn't stop laughing. I just wanted to get started already!!!!

This is the 1st wave heading into the water. Here, your heart starts pounding, goosebumps are forming, and you begin doubting you'll remember how to swim.
But I did - and I loved it. I have to say swimming was my favorite part of the triathlon. The water felt so good once I started going. If I felt any panic I just did what helps me keep my rhythm in the water - go through multiplication tables in my head. (I know, totally nerdy.) One thing I did not expect is how dizzy I was when I came out of the water! I couldn't run a straight line up the hill to the transition area!
Swim 1/4 mile - 11 min 20 sec
I took longer than I needed in my 1st transition I started washing my feet with my water, then realized it didn't really matter so I put on my shoes with bits of sand and grass in my socks. Also, I walked through my transitions. I didn't run like others - I was too nervous of falling or going the wrong way. Plus I needed to catch my breath.
Transition 1 - 3 min 27 sec
The bike was super fun too. This is when you first start hearing the other people say things like: good job! keep it up! you're doing great! as they pass you. Which seems a little weird maybe, but to a first timer is so encouraging. Sometimes I got a little sidetracked, like when the geese flew in a HUGE V-formation overhead and I almost wrecked watching them instead of the road. I was most grateful to the woman who passed me with a bike computer and told me we were half way there. I want a bike computer:) I was most scared when the volunteer pointed out the gravel to my right, right when I was trying to make a left turn down a steep hill. In fact, I said aloud, "I'm scared." as I rode past her.
Bike 10 miles - 43 min 57 sec
I was slow during my second transition also. In fact I remember at one point, just standing and staring at my transition towel thinking, huh, shouldn't I be doing something?
Transition 2 - 2 min 3 sec
The run was what I was dreading the most because I'm not a great runner anyways. I only average about 12 minute miles. And that's WITHOUT having just swam or rode a bike. So I trudged along, stopping to stretch out my cramping calf/hobbit foot a few times. I was grateful for the water stations, teary-eyed at the kids holding posters for their mom and laughing at the lady talking on her cell phone, "Ya, I'm running right now..."
Run 3 miles - 39 min 32 sec
But it felt SO AMAZING to come in across the finish line and see I had achieved my cushy goal of under 2 hours.
Total time - 1 hr 40 min 22 sec
And I can't wait to beat it next year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

TRI it!

My sprint triathlon is this Sunday. That's only 3 days away! I have to admit I am getting really nervous, but OH, SO, excited. It's the "wunderwoman triathlon" in Spokane. I'm doing it with 2 other sisters. I have another sister and niece who signed up for it but may not be going. So I'll have some support there, although none of us will be in the same wave.
Swim 1/4 mile
Bike 10 miles
Run 3 miles
My hope is to keep it all under 2 hours. (Yes, I am pretty slow so that is a good goal for me.)
Wish me luck and pray for me on Sunday!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A few summer highlights...

So far so fun! We travelled to Utah to visit with family and then some of them followed us home :) All in all we're having a great time hanging out. Here are some of the highlight pics from my camera. I need to get pics from others' cameras as I didn't always have mine with me. :)
We tried to get in plenty of sun/water time. With days at pools, lakes, ocean shores, and this shot of Josie at Golden Gardens in Ballard.

Here's my sis, Kris and my niece Katelynn on some sort of whirly-gig at a metal park. Fun but REALLY hot in the 100 degree weather!

We went to Utah to help send my nephew off on his mission. He's in the MTC getting ready for Paraguay. Here he is with my sis Melanie. Thomas you rock!

Melanie and her family :)

Reese and her cousin 'twin' Taylor.

We went to the Oquirrh Temple open house. My girls were so excited to see the bride's room.

My sis Ramona (at this blog) in her Wicked Witch costume. Although the play doesn't open until end of August we got to see her in costume for a parade. Luckily I'll get to go back without the kids for a "ME" weekend and see her in action .

At the parade. Reese waving at the princesses.

Seafair - BLUE ANGELS - so fun!

Josie and her Beenpaw (aka grandpa)

At Golden Gardens, watching the sailboats go in and out.