Saturday, September 27, 2008

What was I thinking?

I wasn't. That's pretty much gotta be the answer. Why else would I sign up for a 5K when I don't even like walking to the bus stop? I just got done with a "practice" run and did better than I thought I would. But now I'm home icing my club foot. (This foot has also been known as my Hobbit foot and on occasion to send good energy to it, I call it my Princess Foot.)

Yes, most of you probably don't know but I did have to wear special shoes with a bar attaching my feet together when I was a child. (I just tried to find a picture of said shoes on the internet and the only sites I saw were for HORSES.?.? ) If it were up to my dr. I'd be wearing the z-coil shoes which have a SPRING on the heel, every morning, noon and night. (Although it might help with my vertical jump for volleyball. I saw something similar on a Scooby-Doo episode.)

So anyway, my 5k is next week. Wish me luck. And if you see me running through the neighborhood and I have a smile on my face, just know that secretly I wish you would sneak up and stab me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera

Here are the girls with Rich, getting ready to go in the theater. They were so excited and didn't want me to waste time with pictures. When Reese saw the flashing Paramount sign she kept saying, "It's just like we're in Paris!"
This was such a fun night. We talked a lot about the special effects. Reese's favorite part was when Christine went through the mirror to the Phantom. Ashlynn's favorite part was when Christine and the Phantom were in the boat.
This was my third time at a theater to see Phantom and I've seen the movie at least five times, probably closer to ten. So I found myself comparing this cast to the others I'd seen. And unlike other productions before, this one didn't move me to tears at the end. I think the reason was that I had been pulled out of the action to explain to Reese how the chandelier could fall without hurting anyone or by Ashlynn who wanted me to look more closely at a specific costume during Masquerade...etc... This produced in me an amazement for the technicalities rather than an emotional response. Also, I was focused more on my daughters' reactions than mine. It was awesome to see the wonder and magic that I feel from live theater come to life on their faces and in their eyes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To make you smile :)

Here's a clip of a video my sisters made. I thought I'd put it on to make my sis smile. With a death in her (husband's) family I wanted to cheer her up.

If my playlist is going, you may want to go to the bottom of my page and pause the music so you can hear this video. :)

Enjoy Mona!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The times they r'a' changin' but the games stay the same.

Yesterday as I was getting my daughters ready for bed, Reese exclaims that SHE WILL NOT SLEEP ALONE in her room. When I asked her why, she explained that Ashlynn had looked up BLOODY MARY on the internet, and now she's scared. It turns out, Ashlynn was a bit scared too and more than happy to have Reese sleep in her room with her. And have the lamp on.

They have tried to play Bloody Mary with their friends before - by chanting Bloody Mary in the mirror 3 times. But they always run out of the room too scared to finish.

Oh, it takes me back. Way back to the nights when we'd set up a mirror in the dark sauna in the basement. I'd chant Bloody Mary and nearly wet myself trying to get out of the room. Someone would usually be on the other side of the door, holding it closed so I couldn't get out. And that sauna room was freakin' dark. Think of the darkest room in your house and quadruple the darkness. That's what this room was like. AND the lightswitch was on the outside, not inside, where you were trapped with a ghost in a mirror. The chills would crawl up my spine and make the hair on my neck prickle.

So I remember the fear.

I gave them their lecture on not playing on the computer at friends' houses. I don't know what site they were on. I'm sure there are plenty to choose from. In truth, it makes me laugh. When I was young we had World Book Encyclopedias. And there were two things I loved to look at. One was a picture of a baby with herpes sores all over it's face. And the other was the picture of Queen Mary...who in my mind...was and always will be BLOODY MARY!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today I was at the bus-stop, talking with the other mom, basically minding my own business. When a bee or a hornet swoops down at full speed, dives right into my hair and stings my freakin' head!

It totally hurt and I can hear it buzzzzzzzzing around in my hair and I'm trying to wiggle it out without getting bit again. Finally it flies away and the other mom, who doesn't really know me that well, now thinks I'm some sort of freak because I was yelling at a bee.

I always tell my kids don't bother them and they won't bother you. Well OMgosh there goes that agreement. I'm getting my squashin' shoes on now. (Honeybee or not!)

Crap, I think the venom is staying in the thin layer of skin just above the skull bone. I can practically picture it oozing down from the point of origin like syrup on a stack of pancakes. Oh I losing sight in my right eye?!?!?!?!?!
But I might go find some old percocet I have lying around the house.
bye ---------------------->

Monday, September 15, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Many days I feel like blogging, but when I sit down at the computer my thoughts jump around like a bag of microwave popcorn. I try to find the most interesting kernel of info....but everything I do and think seems to be white fluff. And I don't want to write fluff. I want to dazzle you with my life and deep thoughts. I'm reminded of Pride and Prejudice when Lizzie and (hunky) Darcy are FINALLY dancing together and she remarks:

"-- We are each of an unsocial, taciturn disposition, unwilling to speak, unless we expect to say something that will amaze the whole room, and be handed down to posterity with all the eclat of a proverb.''

I mean, I AM putting something down in writing...something anyone could read. Shouldn't it be amazing? Shouldn't it make the reader pause and think?

Well, the other day I was pushing my baby in the swing, as she watched her shadow on the ground going back and forth along with her - she reached out to it. It was so sweet, reaching her chubby little arm as far as she could. And I thought...that should mean something. If I were profound I could find some philosophical meaning in that: Reaching for a shadow or not grasping what she reaches out for or and when she finally reached etc....

But I couldn't. So I took her out of the swing and let her slide.

Luv'n U Luv'n Me

Here's the scoop. (I know you've been waiting on pins and needles to find out what happened.) On my b-day eve, which was Saturday we decided it would be a good idea to open my presents. This is because we are still trying to sell our house (I SCREAM to the universe "MY HOUSE IS SOLD!") and were having an open house on Sunday and opening up presents would take up too much time ;)

Reese got me a bouquet of flowers. She was so proud of them and they are beautiful. I've always been a sucker for flowers. Ashlynn got me a gift-cert to itunes. How fun, and she's so excited to see what songs I buy. Josie got me a jogging stroller. Totally fun for me cuz I'm trying to get back to running and awesome for her cuz it has a built in ipod deck so she can listen to music. Rich got me a handsfree thing for my phone so I can finally talk in the car without worrying about getting in trouble!

Then Rich's surprise was that he got everything we needed for a picnic and took us up to Mt. Rainier to go for a little hike. It was a great day!!!

And also fun...the gifts that are still coming from the 14 days of Shannon....our night out at Phantom and also I thought I deserved a real haircut-so I scheduled a hair apt with my favorite stylist ever....but also the most $$$ one I've been to. So she's a real treat.

I know I make a huge deal about the things I got but I'm not all materialistic. I KNOW it's really a privilege to have the life I have. A caring husband, healthy children, the opportunity to stay at home with my kiddies, an amazingly loving family of bro's and sissies. And I appreciate all I have.

Thanks for the LUV everyone! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh ya....

It's my b-day tomorrow. :) (:
My hubby took my little ones out shopping. Reese is so adorable, she keeps telling me there's a surprise she can't tell me about.
I LOVE surprises ;)

So, I'll have to catch up later, my baby just woke up from her nap and is not too happy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Isn't this so cool! This is what my niece did in her high school. She's co-founded a group called the Student's Conservative Club. And to remember 9-11 each of these flags has a victim's name hand written on it. There are nearly 3000 flags throughout the school. Each flag and name hanging by a thread.


Days 9 & 10

We got our Phantom of the Opera tickets!!! I LOVE this show. And to make it even more exciting, we're bringing Ash and Reese along with us-- They both love the movie and also love to go to a theater so HOORAY! It's going to be so fun :) (I'll count this gift for both 9 & 10 cuz I'm so freakin' excited about going.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting Tagged

I was tagged by RAMSAM at

This tag is for 6 random and perhaps little known facts about me:

1. I don't think baths are all that relaxing. So I like to take 10-15 minutes after my bath, curled up on my bed.

2. I once went to Sea World and wearing sunglasses, pretended I was blind. It worked because I had a friend who helped me along. (Thanks Marnae!) In one shop I 'accidentally' knocked over a pencil display and felt so bad because the cashier was so apologetic to me.

3. I sometimes like to turn my ipod up as loud as it goes and jump on the trampoline singing songs (not singing outloud...just mouthing) And wondering if a neighbor watched me close enough if they could tell what song I was listening to. (But please don't watch me that close.)

4. I like trashy romance novels cuz I love the romance (especially ones about Historical Scotland or Ireland) but skip over the graphic sex cuz that just wierds me out.

5. About 4 times a year I have a dream about the boy I crushed on all through highschool. Usually in the dream I'm still too shy to talk to him, but sometimes not ;)

6. I DO drink all my Diet Coke. The 1/2 drunk cans people find lying around are not mine, but people just blame it on me cuz they know everyone else will believe them.

I'm new to the blogging world and don't know if these bloggers have been tagged before...but I'll tag Lynnae, Adrienne, Jill, Wendi, Debi, and Sarah.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gimme a 7, Gimme an 8

Hey, as it get closer to my actual b-day...shouldn't the celebrations be getting bigger? I think both my 14th and my 15th birthdays went by without anyone wishing me a happy day until the next day. (And yes that includes my parents!!!) And we all know that sometimes, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

Sunday was great. Rich did the last minute cleaning for our open house AND made me a delicious dinner. Yum ;)

Today...well, I really don't know what's going to happen today! I haven't been shopping and I don't think Rich has either. Although, I did get some really cute cards in the mail today. MERCI LISA! (She's in Paris right now lucky duck.)

Oh, wait. I just read my post and realized I did go shopping. I bought some make-up and a hair accessory. Man, I really know how to keep the surprises coming! Happy Birthday to ME.

Ramona, regarding the ANTM comment from my last post. I still have a copy of one of me laying on "the cube" I don't know where the photograph is but I had a copy of it on the fridge once and Ashlynn's friend saw it and your mom was skinny.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cinco y Seis dias de Shannon

I picked up a couple things that I need/want and will count them to

~The 14 Days of Shannon~

For yesterday I picked up a photo album. I'm going to try my hand at scrapping the 4x6 way. And on a related note...I have actually already used some of the new supplies I bought the other day. I made three pages from when mi familia (Lisa included) took a trip on the Seattle Water Taxi and went to the aquarium. While doing this I watched a couple episodes of Tabitha's Salon Takeover on Bravo. I need to add getting my hair done to my 14 day fiesta.

Today I picked up an arm band for my ipod nano. I'm really wanting to join the SRC (sisters running club) but have to do it here while they run in Utah. Any WA sisses wanna join me?

Okay.... Have a great weekend and GO BYU!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Fourth

The fourth day...and Rich finally played along. Although, I don't think he knows it. :) I'm feeling crabby, crappy, and crampy and will for 4-6 days. And last night after the girls were all in bed and we were watching TV, Rich gave me some chocolate and a foot massage. Whadda Sweetie.

Okay and for Ramona...the memory it made me think of was exchanging wrist and hand massages during Sacrament Meeting. I mean, man, those giant dot games would wear us out!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On the third day....

My fun-filled fourteen day event hasn't quite caught on yet. So unless Rich comes home with something other than a smile, I bought my own surprise for today as well.

I was at Target getting pants for my baby who grew 3 inches in 3 months and her 'grow into' clothes from her sisters are packed in A POD! }:-( Well, I saw some scrapbook paper on sale. So I picked it up. SURPRISE! I knew I wanted it but wasn't sure if I was getting it :)

I'm thinking that while half my house is packed up and I have only one kid at home during school time; scrapbooking oughtta be a great activity.

But, Ramona, I really liked your idea of sharing the memories too; so here's mine for today (and it goes great with my scrapbook surprise).

Before the days of vellum and ribbons and brads and texture, our scrapbooking supplies consisted of solid colored paper, a sharpie, maybe some zig-zag scissors if we were lucky, and very plain, very 1-demensional stickers. So... Orange paper, a picture of me at Moab with a black dotted border and some hiking boot 'footprint' stickers made a page that was the shizzette-fo'-shizzle. But mostly I remember Ramona labeling a Las Vegas picture as: CESEARS PALANCE.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Brilliant and smart...what a combo!

Am I really a little crazy like my husband thinks? Or am I so brilliant, that it blows his mind, that I'm trying to figure out a way to keep everyone happy as I turn the big THREE-FIVE? Yes, that's right. I'm (seriously so blessed to be) turning 35 in 14 days.'s freakin' me out a bit. So, back to the am I crazy or sane part. I thought it would be a great idea to honor me, with the 14 Days of Shannon. It even looks cool seeing it all-official looking:

The 14 Days of Shannon

So when we went school shopping for the girls I kicked off this great and really fun event by buying a watch and a wallet/purse from the Fossil outlet. Totally cute and helpful to my family. I'll need to be to the bus stop on time = watch. And my credit cards were falling out of my old wallet and once I found them lying on the floor at target = wallet/purse. Also helpful, the fact that I will count these as the first and second Days of Shannon and my family won't be scrambling to find me something.

Somethings I would like for the 14 Days: Journals (but I want to pick these out...covers are a deciding factor), Sweatshirt (I need a good comfy one that fits well. I'll have to pick it out too), books (I LOVE reading book jackets to decide which to buy), Phantom of the Opera tickets (which I'll probably need a new dress, or at least a new jacket to wear over the dress I bought a few days ago), chocolate, gym membership.... I'll think of more later.

Today I got a pedicure with my little girls. It was fun, yet a little stressful because there was only one pedi place open! Labor day :( So it was crowded and we waited a while. But it was great and our toes all look so cute. Although, I don't think I'll count this on the 14 Days of Shannon because it was more of a back to school thing than a birthday thing.

Well, off to bed. The girlies have their 1st day of school in the morning :)!!!!!!