Friday, August 15, 2008


Can I say....I LOVE my sisters!

I am blessed to have so many sisters.....8 to be precise and then 4 amazing Sisters-in-law as well!

Yesterday I got sidetracked by the Retro movie channel. There's one scene in Dirty Dancing that always makes me cry and it happened again yesterday.
Johnny Castle has left Baby at the resort (don't laugh). And Baby's getting ready for the final night. Her sister, who has been such a snob through the show, comes to her. She says she'll help her do her hair. But then tells her she looks beautiful when she does it her own way. And my favorite part...she holds her while she cries. (I think 'She's like the wind' music may still be playing gently in the background, okay that you can laugh at.) That has always been my favorite scene of the show.

So thank you! To all my sisters for loving me, helping me, caring for me and making me feel special! I LOVE YOU!
(And take some pictures with me so I can put more on my blog! :)


WolfeFamily said...

your girls are precious

ramsam said...

Ahhh sis- this was so cute. Why do we not have more pictures together? Is it really saved for antique stores and hat moments???

I love that there is more stuff on your blog.... so many great pictures. Makes me feel like you are already here!

ramsam said...

Oh yeah... are we not, like, seriously so hot? Hooray for "thursday' smiles!

Miss Tiff said...


Hey shannon, I was laughing so hard at your description of dirty dancing. Classic.

Hey how did you get your blog so cute looking? My background is so boring but I can't figure out how to get a cuter one like you have.