Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally some pictures

Here are some Christmas Morning pictures. Santa was brilliant and brought Ashlynn and Reese American Girl dolls. Ash and Reese are just different enough in personalities and far enough in age to think they have nothing in common. But these dolls have inspired so much playtime together. It's been great.'s so fun to do the dolls' hair...there's no wiggling and crying when I try to get out tangles.

And not to be left out - Josie got a doll of her own that's the same size/style as the AG dolls. But I think Josie has used Reese's doll sized tea table & chairs as well as climbed on Ashlynn's doll bed more than she's played with the doll itself.

And here are some pics from New Years Eve. After an evening of playing games like Lips, Call of Duty, Killer Rabbits, and Would You Rather we rang in the new year with sparklers and confetti. These pictures are of Reese and her cousin Tyler.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to a better/happier and more loving New Year :)


Sarah J. said...

Looks like they LOVE the dolls! Yeah for hitting the nail on the head, Santa!

ramsam said...

Wow- is it just me, or is Santa getting more and more brilliant as the years pass?

I will tell you a tiny secret- I am a tad bit jelaous of the doll fest going on at your house. Cassie and her sisters set there AG doll under a mini tree and Santa brings the dolls a present, which the girls insist on opening BEFORE they open a gift for themself! It is so sweet....

well, we set out our Bulid A Bears so I could have the nearest thing too that I will ever see, and it was fun, too.

Shannon said...

I'm lovin' the AG christmas Idea...that is so cute. The day after Christmas the Heywoods came over to play games. When we couldn't decide right away what to play, Cam and I started styling the dolls' hair. Dan said, "So were just here to play dolls then?"