Friday, March 20, 2009

Fair Weather Trainer

I have always considered myself a fair weather 'athlete'. I use that in the loosest sense possible. More like a trainer.
So today I was totally freaked out when I hopped on my bike to go for ride. I decide to go to my sister's house...about 4 miles away.
On my way home - HOLY CRAP! The wind starts blowing the rain sideways, my hands are frozen and a giant tree branch falls and flies across the road in front of me. I hide behind a fence and think about calling Rich to pick me up. But Josie's home in bed with a fever; I didn't want him to have to wake her.
I was near the lake trail and so I see the small tunnel and think about taking refuge underneath.
Then the wind let up ever so slightly so I figure I'll just head home. I found myself laughing on the highway as I can barely see and the cars are splashing more water on me.
When I got home, my clothes were soaked like I had jumped in a lake. My right hand was numb and when I took off my shoe water was able to drip out. Rich was just about to load up the girls. He had a blanket and a towel and was going to come find me.
It was an adventure and it was fun. But I'll probably wait for better weather to ride again.


Zappe Family said...

Way to power through it! That's awesome. I can picture the rain pouring out of your shoes!

Okay...the song playing right it from Frente? I remember this group...I had their tape!!!!! Oooo memories!

susette said...

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Miss Tiff said...

That's very good you decided to keep it up! I'll tell you what, it's been raining like crazy here too. Me and Ivy went running and we were just drenched at the end of it. But riding a bike in the rain is the pitts cause your going so fast the rain can HURT when it hits your face! I'm sure you experienced.

I hope you wear a helmet when you ride!