Friday, February 27, 2009

For my Pho-tag friends....

I wanted to share these pics of my sister's family. They are beautiful and inspiring.

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ramsam said...

Hey there- thanks for the little shout out-it makes me so happy that you like these. I love them... Mike is struggling with the artsy-ness of the whole shoot....and the fact that he is no longer 30 and about 40 lbs lighter....but oh well, what you gonna do? it's us!

When we get our disk (we paid for about 30 final photos) I'll let you know.

I actually thought of you...she is doing 3-5 shoots a week, about an hour each, and just puts them on a CD after working with the shots and sends it to you. A GREAT gig for a mom. You should totally do it! YOu are so talented. We will talk more about this and other important topics, like Mr Rochesters beauty, later.