Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick Update

I know it's been a MEGA long time since I've blogged. Not only have we been busy with vacations, holidays and sickness - I've been just plain slacking too.

Here are some pics from our Utah trip. It snowed a little bit while we were there. There was enough snow for the girls to make a snowman and for Josie to tromp around happily in her boots.

Today Rich had the day off so we went to lunch at Jay Berry's and then to Snoqualmie Falls. I LOVE the falls. I like to go when it's sunny, or when there's been a lot of rain and they're really full, or like today, when it's been so cold there's ice everywhere! It's so beautiful.

And this last pic is a paper craft I did for my daughter's friend. I had this plain brown sack that needed to wrap a b-day present so I dressed it up. On my sis's blog she linked this really great paper craft christmas decor pic (click here) and I fell in love with it.


Lynnae said...

Yay! I always mean to go over to the falls when it's freezing, and I forgot again! Great picture, and I love the gift bag. Blogs are sooo inspiring I'll never be able to try all the crafts I see!

ramsam said...

Shannon, I LOVE that picture of the falls. That is so so pretty, I would love to see it like that.

The craft bag is adorable! Great job!

Anonymous said...