Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a great Halloween!!!!! Here are some pictures of our costumes:
Josie LOVES Scooby-Doo. She saw this costume in the store somewhere around Oct. 1 and loved it then. Then as Halloween grew closer, she refused to ever put it on. I was worried she wouldn't wear it at all! Then, when she realized, Scooby got candy, she happily put it on and went trick-or-treating.
Reese went as Sharpay from High School Musical. The dress and purse we got at goodwill, the sweater was from storage and I bought the sparkly leggings at walmart. I also bought some rhinestones and a $1 headband and we glued them on so it reads - SHARPAY.

Ashlynn went as a mad doctor/crazy old person -one of those throw together costumes that can be a few different things. We borrowed an old lab coat from my sister - bloodied it up along with some pants and sprayed her hair. Hanging above her you see the new Halloween decoration we bought this year, a body encased in webbing....some spider has a tasty treat waiting for it ;)

I had decided I wanted to be Medusa, and when I mentioned it to a friend it turned out she had a costume I could borrow - PERFECT!

Dad ended up throwing together a wig, hat and glasses to take the girls trick-or-treating and looked a lot like Slash. But we didn't get any pictures :(
All in all it was a great Halloween and there is a TON of candy just waiting to cause tummy aches. Come over and I'll give you some ;)


Hillary said...

You all look so cute in your costumes!

Zappe Family said...

You look fantastic Shannon! Of course...I'd expect nothing less from you! I'm sad I missed seeing you guys!

Lynnae said...

You make a great Medusa! The family looks great!

Miss Tiff said...

Sweet- I love Ashes mad docter/ crazy old guy costume. Those are the best. Nice medusa costume lady!

Bennett Family said...

GREAT COSTUMES! yours is my favorite!!!

LisaM said...

Is that YOUR front porch? Totally awesome! How did you get that fun/spooky lighting?

Ah, you guys are melting my heart. You're so cute!!

ramsam said...

Would you beleive that HAyden was a Mad Doctor/Crazy Guy/Old person last year? It's true.

You look great- I lOVE your costume. And your porch looks so festive, I am a little jealous! The webbed body is so great...is it from MArtha Stewart?