Sunday, February 7, 2010

My sweet old man

Rich turned 40 in January. What a sweetie - putting up with all of my old man jokes.
Instead of cake he wanted Cinnamon Rolls. (Somehow I pieced together a recipe that turns out such delicious rolls - if I make them and there are leftovers, I'm sure to gain at least 3 pounds.)

We decorated the house in black. I'd left out some of my halloween decorations just for this purpose. There were skeletons and Over the Hill signs througout the downstairs. My family came over and we talked and ate and played games. We played charades, acting out phrases such as: one foot in the grave, older than dirt, knocking on deaths door, etc. The best was anytime the word was old, the actor would point at Rich and everyone would yell "OLD!"
The girls thought it was sad, having all the black and skeletons around, but Rich said it was one of the best birthdays he'd ever had.

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Zappe Family said...

That is hilarious!!! I love it!