Monday, June 14, 2010

Phone Home

For Mother's Day I got an iphone.
Yes I love it.
Unlike my other phones I always remember to take it with me
I can get my pictures off of it very easily
and I have games and awesome apps.

Here are some of the pics I wouldn't have if I didn't have my iphone - because I don't always remember a camera:
Ashlynn after her 5th grade musical play - that girl has a great voice and a fun stage presence.

Josie playing "FACE THE COOKIE" one of the Minute to Win it games we did at my sister's house. In this game, you get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your face muscles.

Me and my sis at the Paramount for Fiddler on the Roof.
That musical is such a part of me. We grew up listening to it, singing and dancing to songs from it around the house, and performing it on stage. It was great!

Reese at her 2nd grade concert and square dancing night.

Ashlynn at the dr. office. Turned out she had pneumonia. Poor little thing, I had just kept giving her cough drops.

Josie getting potty trained so she's wearing as little as possible to make any accident clean-up easier.

Reese LOVES to cook. This is her own cookbook and she made treats for the family.

I don't know if she knows what it means, but whenever Josie gets out of the tub she shows me her wrinkly hands and says "I'm wrinkly like a gwamma."

This is her absolutely had to have, would die with out it, needed it to function - skirt.

Ashlynn just before her last band concert for 5th grade. She's such a good musician :)
That's all for now folks!
Smile and Live


Lynnae said...

I Love those pictures. Every day life pictures are so wonderful. And your girls are adorable of course.
And oh, if I could get away with wearing a skirt like Reesies.....

ramsam said...

These pictures are so great- the one of Josie in our hat (yes...OUR hat) is so cute I could cry.

I am jealous, so jealous, my next phone will be an iphone- to go with my ipad and ipod shuffle. That's not too much, is it?

Jeanette said...

Just happened upon The Little White Attic and saw your blog listed. It's a small world.