Friday, June 4, 2010

BBQ Pete's

Have you been here? Yum....I love this place.

I know normally I've got pics of my kids and stuff we do, but this time it's a recommendation. Ash and Reese were both at friends playing so Rich and I went on a small date with Josie tonight to BBQ Pete's in Kent. They have the best potato salad in the world, REALLY yummy beef and pork, and huge cornbread muffins with delish honey butter.
The inside is fun with long picnic tables and a high counter the length of the window. On the tables are Trivial Pursuit cards for you to amaze your friends and family with your awesome knowledge. We must go at off times because it's never been as crowded as it is in this pic I got off their website.
It's so good! When you go lemme know so I can meet ya there!

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Lynnae said...

Perfect for a family get together!!!