Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Utah Trip :))

In late August we took another trip to Utah. So we could get some more cousin time in and see the Payson Community Theater play that my sister and some of my nieces and nephews were in.
One of the highlights for Josie was the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. She loved that place! It was crowded because it was $2 Tuesday but it was a great time.

Digging for dinosaurs in the sand and water.

Mom and Reese waiting for the kids to finish playing in the sand.

Reese, Ashlynn and Hannah

Josie wasn't too scared there, but I think she held on to Rich a bit tighter by this exhibit.

Poor Reese. She was like a trapped gazelle and these tigers were chasing her all around the dressing room. Those three boys, growling, scratching, jumping around on all fours - are little frightening.

Josie was watching something a little scary on t.v. so she was cuddling up to Richard.

Waiting for the Play to start....
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

My sis with her boys.
Hayden and Parker were in the children's choir. Ramona was one of the wives, and Connley was Benjamin.
They all did GREAT!

Ashlynn - hammin' it up for the camera. She was a little dissapointed we lived too far away for her to participate.

Reese and Ashlynn with Joseph and Hannah and Taylor who were also in the Children's Choir.
Great Job PCT!

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