Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tri with the Girls

In 2009 I did my first sprint triathlon. In 2010 I did two more. The secone of the two was the Wunderwoman Triathlon, the same race I did in 2009 with Cami and Tiffany. But in 2010 we added more sisters and a niece into the mix and had an AMAZING weekend hanging out, goofing off, training, siteseeing, and racing our hearts out. (Brooke gave me the advice to always sprint at the end. If you don't feel like you're going to throw-up, you didn't sprint hard enough.)
Katelynn, Me, Julie, Krisi, Brooke, Cami, Tiffany

Me, front and center. And I did sprint at the end. I felt very sick. I felt GREAT!

At Riverside Park the day before the race.

I always think it great fun just to hang out with my sisters. This was a special time, no hubbies, no kids, and tons of nerves as we talked and prepared for the race.


Reaching for the Brass Ring.....
Really they're little plastic rings, and my fingers started to hurt from grasping the rings so hard when I was trying to pull them.



One of my beautiful and talented sisters, Brooke, decorated our swim caps for us. No generic, plain caps for us!

It was SO much fun.
And 2011 will be even bigger!

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