Friday, April 3, 2009


Today my oldest turns 10!
Has it really been ten years since I was turned away from the hospital because they said my water hadn't broken only to return 2 hours later, driving in a terrible Utah spring snowstorm?

It was conference weekend and the whole family came to watch General Conference in my delivery room while I tried to labor.

Then two weeks later I clutched my new baby in my arms as I watched the terrible news of the Columbine High School Massacre and wondered how could I ever protect her from the world?

She's had some trying times, with a blood condition called ITP...but thankfully that's resolved now.
Ashlynn is a sweetheart and a very strong spirit. She and I have our bad moments sometimes, but it's because she is so strong and learning what she is capable of doing in life. She's outgoing and friendly and is able to have great discussions on testimonies, school, and friends. We like to go swimming together at least once a week, just her and me.
For more Ashlynn click here to see her Disneyland trip when she was 3 1/2 years old:)
Happy Birthday and I love you.


Sarah J. said...

Happy Birthday, Ashlynn! What a sweet girl!

ramsam said...

I remember thinking the same thing while holding Hayden and watching Columbine on the news!

Tell Ashy happy birthday! Can't wait to see you!