Monday, April 27, 2009


We went to Utah to visit family there. And although it was nice to see everybody...the 'vacation' was anything but....

On Sunday, the morning after we arrived, we found out my dad was heading to the emergency room with chest pains. I spent the day with him there, while they ran tests and weren't quite sure if he had a heartattack or not. So they wanted him the following morning to go in for stress testing. After that test, they decided he needed to be admitted to the hospital. So I spent Monday with him in there and he got an angiogram and two stents put in. He came home on Tuesday and is still doing well :)

But after that I got sick with a head cold. The only thing I wanted to do was sleep. I tried to go shopping with my sister, but spent most of that time in the car because I felt awful. This head cold lasted for two days.

I started feeling a little better and managed to squeeze in an afternoon Rock Climbing with Lisa (which was a total blast!) and a visit with Rich's mom that was great for my kids (and grandma:).
Then I got some other sickness, where I had vomitting and overall ick! So Easter, I made it to church. Took a few pics. And then laid on the couch sick for the rest of the evening.

Not a fun vacation.....and not a very fun houseguest either! (Sorry Mel)
Put here are a couple of pics from Easter.

Reese got a matching dress for her and her doll. A Burlington buy...totally awesome.

Josie loved her dress, and thought she had to hold on to the flower at her waistband. I think she thought it would fall off.

Ashlynn had a really pretty blue dress but once she got home from church she changed so she could have more time to play.


ramsam said...

I feel like we need a Miller visit do over. The only time I felt I got to hang out with you was in the hospital (joy) and then I got so sick I slept the rest of the time you were here. That pretty much sucks.

ramsam said...

I forgot to say the pictures are cute and the girls look so sweet, as always. Burlington is great for that odd, but fabulous find!

Vicki said...

I am so sorry to hear that you were sick on your trip :(
That is the worst. -- Glad you at least had a few fun moments.
ps--missed you at volleyball today

Miss Tiff said...

Well that does sound like a crummy trip. Maybe all the stres is what made you sick. On a positive note, Reese looks adorable with her doll (albeit the doll does creep me out a little bit). I'm glad you were down there to see Dad and at least keep me posted on the haps! Can't wait to see you guys. I think I'm coming over there next week.