Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why I Went to a Tea Party

I'm a 'go-with-the-flow' sorta gal.

But you shouldn't interpret that to mean that people can sway me this way or that. The fact is I believe very strongly about certain things and this means I don't feel threatened by others' who would try to push their ideals on to me.

I believe God has a plan for us. And my knowledge of this has always made me think - what will happen will happen. I've thought that the government is never going to be perfect. Yes I vote and then I figure, no matter who's in charge it won't be great. But I go with it.

But I've decided I can no longer sit back.

America can be great.

It is great because it was founded by inspired men who were protected by God and led to their positions by Him.

America was founded by Christian Men who had days set aside dedicated to fasting and prayer for guidance from God. This country was built on Christian values and morals.

If we move away from those values, we move away from what made America work.

God made us Free. And I can't stand by and watch the government invade on my freedom. It's out of control. And...YES...maybe I should have paid more attention all my life. But the point is I'm paying attention now. And I want the government to pay attention to The American Citizens.
Stop Spending
Secure our Borders
Strengthen Families


Sarah J. said...

Amen, Sista! So proud of you for taking action. My parents went to the Tea Party in Bellevue last night. If I didn't have a newborn, I would've been right there along with them. We need more people like you and my parents taking action. Love the signs!

Zappe Family said...

Way to go! That's so awesome that you went. I should've been there would've been great. Let me know when you want to caravan to the Oval office and do the same protests! :)

debi said...


FitToSeeJane said...

We musta crossed paths on the way to different Tea Parties. It would have been fun to be all patriotic together. I have pix on my blog too.

Jon said...

Great post!
Sounds like we spread the family over lots of tea parties in the area!

chiccam said...

That was fun!!!
Let you voice be heard.
I love how into it the kids were, we should have had 4 signs.

Northwest Minuteman said...

Wonderful blog!! We all need to continue the tea-party movement.

Other sights you might enjoy:

Miss Tiff said...

thumbs up to the post. And I love you're pictures.

ramsam said...

It feels good to stand up, even if everyone doesn't agree. We are going to start having tough things to face, and I don't want someone else deciding everything for me!

Love the signs, love the post, and so glad you went. I am considering becoming a part-time rally-er.