Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day

I'm finally getting around to posting some adorable things my girls' did for Mother's Day.

I wanted to scan the book Ashlynn made me as well as a top 10 list from Reese. However, Rich recently did something to our home computer and not only do I not have any photo editing software on it anymore I have no Microsoft Office on it. CRAZY...I KNOW! He works for Microsoft - I guess the shoemaker's daughter has no shoes.*

*(This is something my mom often said when I was young to explain why we had no blinds or curtains of anykind on our ground-floor, bedroom windows and would end up nailing blankets or sheets into the wall to cover the windows for privacy. My father made drapes and hung blinds for a living.)

So because my husband doesn't check my blog and has no idea how important pictures can'll have to settle for my typing it in.

From Ashlynn:
A book she made in class (based on The Giving Tree) The cover is made from a wall paper sample and it's entitled "Do You Know What I'll Do?"

One day a girl said to her mom,
"Do you know what I'll do when the flowers grow again?
I will gather wild daisies and gently place them in your favorite vase.
Do you know what I'll do when it snows?
I will make a little snowman and take a little picture of it for you.
Do you know what I will do when it rains?
I will come inside and read next to you and snuggle right by you and have hot cocoa.
Do you know what I will do when the wind blows?
I will stand outside and show you how brave I am and that I can do anything for you.
Do you know what I'll do in the night?
I will read to you in bed and keep you company.
Do you know what I'll do on my walk?
I will gather some things and make crafts for you.
Do you know what I'll do when I wake up?
I'll make you breakfast in bed and make you a card.
Do you know what I'll do when I grow up?
I'll have a wonderful family and always come visit you."

So sweet.

And Reese made me at least three different cards and this top 10 list the italics are what she filled in:
10 I love my Mom because she reads me my favorite books.
9 I love my Mom because she helps me swing high.
8 I love my Mom when she makes me laugh by tickling me really hard.
7 I love my Mom because she taught me how to do the monkey bars.
6 I love to hear my Mom sing jingle bells.
5 I love my Mom because she finds time to be with me.
4 I know my Mom cares because she loves me, and our family.
3 I know my Mom is smart because she goes on the computer.
2 I love my Mom because she works so hard at exercise.
1 I love my Mom because she's the best mom ever.


Bennett Family said...

SO SWEET! happy mother's day!!!

Vicki said...

So so cute... I must be smart too... bc I am on the computer a lot! ;)
ps... if you ever want to scan something or anything ... come on over to my house... I'm not kidding, I would love for you to take me up on it.

FitToSeeJane said...

That is so sweet! What cute mothers day gift!

ramsam said...

Whay are these making me cry? They are so cute! The wind answer is my favorite on Ashlynns- and I love that Reese knows exercise is hard work. YOu should tell her I am very very smart, too. I am on the computer a lot!

ps- I want to use that idea for Father's Day in primary.