Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hi my name is Shannon....

And I'm a t.v. addict.

I luv t.v.! It's so fun to cuddle up with my hunny and watch some good shows once the kids go to bed. Here are some things I'm looking forward to:

8:00pm Heroes NBC - Premieres Sept 21

8:00pm SYTYCD FOX - Premieres Sept 9

8:00pm SYTYCD FOX - Premieres Sept 9
10:00pm Law and Order SVU NBC - Premieres Sept 23

8:30pm Parks and Recreation NBC - Premieres Sept 17
9:00pm The Office NBC - Premieres Sept 17
9:00pm Fringe FOX - Premieres Sept 17
9:30pm 30 Rock NBC - Premieres Sept 17

8:00pm Law and Order NBC - Premieres Sept 25
9:00pm Medium CBS (moved from NBC!) - Premieres Sept 25

(This list is taken from What We Watch to Escape Our Own Reality)


Schuring Family said...

oh goodness, that is scary. I only have 2 shows and of course have to watch them on abc.com 24 hours after they air. I like sleep and exercise more than tv. In fact, was up at 3:45 am and I can't wait to get to bed in 4 hours. :) I am so lame, cracks me up.

Lynnae said...

I am excited for SYTYCD too. And of course office and 30 Rock. I liked the preview of Glee that was in June, but I'm not sure it will make the cut. I always save room for Biggest Loser, but I don't know when it starts. I'm not as on top of my premiers as you are.
I thought 'Flash Forward' Looked good. I may try that.
If there is miraculously a non-comedy that Jon and I both like it is inevitably cancelled at the end of the first season.

Jon said...

How do you find time to eat?

That So You Think You Can Dance sure sucks up a lot of space on the DVR, that's all I know.

Shannon said...

That's funny Jon. I still have four episodes from last season of SYTYCD I haven't been able to delete yet. In fact we just watched Ramalama this morning before school.

I know tons of people love Biggest Loser, and sometimes I watch it. But the truth is it makes me sad! I always feel dissapointed at my own measley 1 pound weightloss when I see them lose 10 pounds in the same amount of time. And ya, I know they workout all day blah, blah, blah - but still it makes feel inadequate.

Scheris - I still sleep and workout, my house just gets really neglected! plus, I'm home all day - don't have a paying gig ;)

ramsam said...

I just got so excited! I didn't know SYTYCD started tonight!

Anyway, I don't watch near as much TV as I used to, it's funny- I thought I'd have more time, but the hours are gone so fast runningthe kids around. The Office and Psych are what we DVR. Biggest Loser is a favorite, too.

I hope the shows are as good as your expecting. Remember.....sit ups and push ups every commerical.