Monday, September 21, 2009

A new love -

I've never been a huge fan of sewing. I liked it; but only if the pattern wasn't very complicated. Actually, I think I don't like patterns. Now that I look back - the projects I've really enjoyed, are those that I make up, like:
Ashlynn's 2008 Zombie Bride Halloween Costume

My Jane Austen Tea-party dress, refashioned from an old potato sack style dress
(I hate the way I look in the picture - my sister click here for her blog - looks AB/FAB! - but the only thing I like about me is the cool dress I made and the fact that I've lost 25 pounds since this pic was taken in February.)

Our Apron Extravaganza last Thanksgiving
Although we used a pattern, choosing fabrics and trims allowed for a lot of creativity.

But I just made this cute little apron - patterned after ideas in my head, cutting and trimming and measuring at whim. This apron is for an auction fundraiser my sister is involved in for her son's soccer team. But I plan on making a similar styled one for me with different fabrics.

I love the wide waistband, which I reinforced with fusible interfacing so that when it's washed it hopefully won't get all bunched up and twisted. I also made wide, long ties that can tie in front or back. You can't really tell from this picture but the ruffle on bottom curves up around and meets up with the waistband in back. I wanted a sort of bustle look to it.
Things I'll change when I make mine: the apron a little shorter and more narrow as well as making the ruffle bigger. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I find aprons fun to sew because you can piece together many different fabrics, shapes and ideas to come up with something that makes cooking more fun! I've even considered making a few of these, stockpiling up and getting in on the sassy mei action.


Lynnae said...

Cute apron. I love it. Come to think of it I enjoyed the aprons I made and they didn't have a pattern. Thanks for the link, too.

Schuring Family said...

could you teach or promote a little apron project for Fab Friday?

Sarah J. said...

They're darling! I'll gladly give up MY spot teaching on Fab. Friday for you to teach your apron class. I love them!

Leslie Behunin said...

"SEW" CUTE! :) I've been sewing this past year and have really enjoyed it which shocks me.

ramsam said...

Our Thanksgiving apron day was the best. I LOVE mine! I want to hear if you feel like you are amply 'covered' while cooking and cleaning, I like that teh bib style covers my clothes, but I think the half style is soooo cute!

And, is that you modeling the apron???

Vicki said...

That apron is adorable -- I am all for you stockpiling them for sassy mei... you should bring your sewing machine to my house and sit and sew while I paint :) I would love that.

Laura said...

You should totally do Sassy Mei! They are sooo cute! Wanted to do one for RS but with all the changes, couldn't fit it in. I'll remember you for the future!