Thursday, September 3, 2009

School/Speech update

I am not really a get-involved-kinda-gal. But it was quite gratifying to get a call from the principal just now to discuss my concerns.

Thanks Ramona, for the tip on e-mailing the district. I didn't know who to e-mail so I copied everyone, from the superintendent to the entire board of directors. Thank heavens for e-mail! If this had been a phone or even worse, letter writing with stamp, campaign I'm not sure I would have gotten involved.

This was what I e-mailed:
I would appreciate any information you have in regards to Obama’s speech to school children, taking place on Tuesday, September 8th. I don’t feel comfortable having my children watch the speech without me. If I trusted that it would stick to back-to-school messages than it wouldn't bother me, but I don't trust that. And the classroom, especially k-6 grades, is not a proper forum for a political message.

I feel teachers who are participating in viewing the speech should offer alternative activities. Families should be notified that these are available. I know there are some, including myself, who would prefer to watch the message with their children. If there are not at-school alternatives available, my children will be staying home that day.

Here's the info I received:

My kids' school, will have alternate activities going on in the library. Every parent should be getting a call from the school, explaining what's happening on Sept. 8th - speech day. Then a form should be coming home in which they can opt out of the speech viewing and subsequent assignments regarding the speech.

So there we go. ;)


Nichole said...

Thank you Shannon for finding out about that. It makes you wonder if you hadn't said anything would the school have sent home any kind of notification? I appreciate the heads-up!

Vicki said...

Thanks so much for the info -- I wondered what the school was going to do... but didn't even think to do what you did.

Sarah J. said...

Good for you, Shannon! I agree 100%. Figures that my daughter's first day of public school coincides with Obama's speech- do the two go hand in hand?! I think not. It's time we all start standing up and protecting what we all believe in.

Schuring Family said...

Thank you Shannon. Good to know.

Jon said...

Sad that Obama decides to get a moment with kids as a political prop and brunt of the impact falls to local schools who already have their hands full.
Now they have angry parents contacting them (me included), alternate activities to organize, etc.