Thursday, October 29, 2009

District Diversity Meeting

For those wondering -
I did attend the diversity meeting at the school district.

I went because I wanted to know what the school's taught about same-gender families and let them know I didn't want assignments or books about same-gender relationships being given to my children. I believe marriage is absolutely sacred and should be between a man and a woman. (Interesting how my view is supported by thousands of years of humanity - yet now I feel afraid to stand up for my beliefs.)

In the school's definition of diversity listed among ethnicity, religion, and financial status were gender-identity and sexual orientation. But this was at the forum - I don't know what is taught to students regarding it.

I know that bullying of any type for any reason is wrong. I was shocked to hear the Jr High and High School students talk about the teasing, fights, and violence that occurs. It became obvious that more needs to be done to punish/counsel the kids involved in it.

The forum wasn't really an open mic type situation - which I was somewhat grateful for, I'm not big on confrontations. But we divided up into groups to discuss the issues the students talked about. I let the facilitator know the reason for my attendance and that I didn't think homosexuality should be taught in school. I told her that tolerance and acceptance are two very different things. I also asked that parents should be made aware when controversial issues like this are going to be talked about in class BEFORE hand so they can approve of it or make other arrangements. She took notes on what the group said and it was all going back to the district. I also filled out a comment card, repeating my thoughts, with my e-mail address and notation that I was interested in being involved.

Part of America's greatness is the FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Once same-gender marriages are approved and schools start teaching it as natural and normal, that freedom begins to erode.


Vicki said...

Thank You for going! I am not very good at paying attention to when any of these types of things are, so I truly appreciate you.

debi said...

Excellent. Amen.

Sarah J. said...

Good for you, Shannon! Thanks from all of us moms who feel the same way. You rock!

Lynnae said...

Good Job.
It's one thing to fight this battle with highschoolers who can stand up for themselves like we have done, it's a bit easier because at least they know what they believe and what to look out for. This effort to indoctrinate little children in a manner opposed by their parents is insidious. They are too young to recognize or question every piece of propaganda that gets slipped in to the curriculum.
There's no doubt religious freedom is under attack when public schools purposefully set out to undermine your family's belief system.

Sondra said...

Thanks for sharing this. I agree and feel you stated your thoughts really well. Thanks again for standing up for your beliefs!
PS Your family is growing up and so beautiful!

Photo Amy said...

I didn't hear about this one. Wish I had gone. Thanks for getting your opinion out there.

Jon said...

Great job on attending and standing up for yourself!!!
I agree it is sad that we've all been pushed to this state of being a rable-rouser, but apparently that is where we are at.

ramsam said...

Hey sis, just your being there and voicing your concerns, then talking about it with other moms is a big thing. Don't think it doesn't moms we must look out for the realities of our children's lives, and yes- generations of studies show us what type of family is best for children, so this isn't even a debate, but they want to make it one. Do not be afraid to 'question with boldness'. You Rock!