Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Excited :)

On October 15th at 12:01 am, I committed to doing another Triathlon. I was really nervous and those voices of self doubt were creeping in (BOOO!).

Then I remembered this:

The extraordinary feeling of doing something I never thought I would be able to.

I had planned all along to do the Wunderwoman Triathlon again in 2010. But for some reason this Valley Girl Triathlon seemed too intimidating. The distances are only a bit longer on the swim and bike, and quite doable, but the whole idea of trying something new was daunting.

So I reached back into my heart and grasped hold of the TRI-HIGH I got from my last triathlon - read about it here - And signed up.

Thanks Tiff for pushing me, and although I hesitated, I am so so excited for it. And the tri sold out on October 15th at 1:10 am!

Now it's time to kick up my training.


Sarah J. said...

You're awesome!

Bennett Family said...

AWESOME! when and where? i wanna do another...

Lynnae said...

That is SO cool. I'm proud of you. I miss running (for a few more weeks anyway) But still a tri seems so scary to me. It looks so wet and cold. But you probably aren't cold, are you?
Good luck!
We should bike the trail up here in NB sometime.

Miss Tiff said...

Shannon- Yay I am so excited to do it. And really, I wouldn't have done it if you and Cami didn't sign up too. There's no way I could do that thing alone!

I always get excited when I see these pictures.