Monday, May 31, 2010

Another year goes by....

I cannot believe my baby is 3!!

Sleeping with Ash. They still do this. Ashlynn will tuck Josie in for her nap, and sometimes fall asleep with her now that Jo's in a big girl bed.

Reese dressing josie up like a present and taking a picture. And now, Reese will dress Josie up as a cat, princess, mom, doctor or some combination of those things and Josie loves it.

We continue to stare at her with amazement. She is smart and growing so fast. We don't want to miss anything so we're constantly watching her.

getting potty trained
talking back
sleeping in a big girl bed
constantly putting on lip gloss
mimicking mom and her sisters
hiding, only to be found in a room putting on nail polish
losing her temper
asking for kisses
saying I love you

And Josie....we love you too! Happy Birthday


Julianna Hind (Julie Hind) said...

That is a great post about your little Josie. She is such a sweetie! What a darling family of 3 little girls!

Bennett Family said...

what a darling post of a darling girl! i LOVED that video. seriously loved it.

ramsam said...

Was she really ever that small? Cute Josie, she is so great. I hope her birthday was fun for you guys!