Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's ON!!!!

It's ON!
That's what we used to yell to eachother during t.v. programs back in the day. We'd all be enjoying a show together, such as Star Search or Simon and Simon. Then as soon as the commercial's would start everyone would scatter, getting snacks, cleaning chores, or maybe fixing hair if a date was coming to pick up one of the girls. But whatever you were doing, you would soon hear a melodically drawn out "IT's AAAWNNN!" and everyone would run back....claiming their crisscrossed-applesauced seat in the living room.

Now I own a DVR and rarely watch any live t.v. Many times someone will asked me if I've seen a certain commercial and the truth is....I haven't. I forward my commercials.

Also, I've been trying to go to bed earlier and so I've been saving my shows for the following day. Well there's only so much you can do in front of the t.v. withouth feeling guilty about spending all day in front of the t.v. (crochet, scrapbook, laundry, make Relief Society invitations etc.) When will I clean my kitchen? Or make beds in the other room? So I'm tryin' it 80's style. During commercial breaks.

Only during the day there's no one to yell, "it's on!" and I have to listen for Teri Hatcher's whiney voice on Desperate Housewives to know. But at least there's no one stealing my seat.


Vicki said...

Love your background music, nothing like a little tv nostalgia.
We did the "It ON" thing at my house too :)

The Burtons said...

We use to yell the same thing!! AHHH...the good old days.

ramsam said...

Sometimes I go back to the old school ways, too. I just let them play and force myself to jump and straighten or pick up or put away. My kids are not very good at yelling when "IT'S ON!", though.

Rememebre when we were going to do push ups and sit ups during all the commercials? I think it happened for like....2 commercial breaks.

LisaM said...

"But at least there's no one stealing my seat." LOL. You make me laugh, Shan. I wish I could be up there racing you at chores and then trying to beat you back to the comfy seat.