Sunday, November 16, 2008

She's craft-tay.

You might remember this post where the girls and I went out for a walk and collected leaves.

Here's picture of what we made with some of the leaves we collected.
The girls were so excited because they got to use the hot glue gun. I bought the twig wreaths at Joann's and found the swags of acorns there as well. The acorns were 70% off so all in all it was a fun, inexpensive craft. Reese and Ash each had their own book of pressed leaves so they glued them on the wreaths. I ended up walking away because I didn't want to tell them what leaf to glue where, but they asked me to come back to watch them :) Their wreaths are now hung proudly on our front doors.


Zappe Family said...

Wow. That looks so great! How fun! It makes me want to do the same thing...darn leaves are all gone now!

Vicki said...

That is awesome! I have the same problem when it comes to not telling my kids how to do their arts/crafts.... I try really hard to bite my tongue.