Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday MONA!

This post is to wish my sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love ya Mona!

Me and You circa 92 could be 93, I'm not sure. I just know our boots are lookin' WAY COOL!

This is us with Lynnae, on my confirmation day, October 81. I remember I LOVED our shoes here too :)


ramsam said...

Oh my heck I can not believe these pictures! Is it just me, or have we been HOT our whole lives????

One great thing about these pictures is that I specifically remember loving both pairs of shoes. Those Nike hikers were expensive back in the day, and I remember my heart pounding as I bought them. That picture was taken in Moab, when Mike and I first fell in love ;-)

The second shoes were peep toe chunky wedges, with little flower inserts up the sides. I loved them so. I am not sure about those tights.... but those shoes I loved. My hair was styled to copy "Sam" off of "What's Happening" , who I thought was so gorgeous.

Anyway- this is just too dang fun. Thanks for thinking of me!

PS- You can TOTALLY rock 4 miles! Let's do it!

Wendy said...

Ahhhh the Gunnie Sack dresses and wedge shoes.... that was my era. And pictures from my stomping grounds too! You sure know how to take a girl back!

Miss Tiff said...

Nice post...yeah, I remember seeing those pictures of you two when you were in Moab and must be so fun to be a grown up. You guys all looked like you were having so much fun and being so cool in Moab.

Zappe Family said...

Great shots! Seriously...lovin' the flashbacks!