Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GOB baby....Get On Board.

Another of my New FAV shows is: KATH & KIM

With Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, 2 ladies each with 2 first names = 1 totally funny show!

Two things make a show a good show...excellent writing (like Fringe) and/or a sprinkling of awesome improv. Which is what K&K seems to have. It's an American version of an Australian show. Having never seen the original I can't compare the two. But NBC's is the type of show that I like to rewatch as I fold laundry because things get funnier and funnier. Like how the BBC Office was or the first couple seasons of NBC's Office.

With lines like: It's every girls dream to show up at her wedding in a horse drawn pumpkin carriage.

Or: The new sandwich Phil and Kath, it tastes like the love we make.

It'll keep ya check it out so we can gab about it.


Miss Tiff said...

I've heard this was funny. I've been wanting to watch it but when is it ever on? I'm probably at work. I love the line..."So what do you do?" K:" I'm a trophy wife" That is the best line ever. If anyone ever asks me that I'm going to steal it.

Oh and yeah, I too have noticed the decline in NBC Office. But instead I love 30 Rock, that show is HE-LARRY-US!

ramsam said...

YOu can gab with Krisi- she LOVES it. I have not set it up yet to tape- when is it on, anyway? Krisi has a few she is saving for me! I must go call her right now.....

As long as Molly Shannon doesn't sniff her armpit juice I will be fine.

ramsam said...

ps- I saw a show yesterday and they said Bees can smell nervousness and anxiety. Are you scared when you go to the bus stop?