Friday, January 1, 2010


After having dull video tapes of slow moving Christmas mornings. Rich and I drastically reduced our Christmas Morning filming. Now - it moves so fast, like an unwrapping frenzy it's hard to know when to press record on the video camera. We got some video though - I haven't watched it yet. But here are a few pics from Christmas morning.

Here's the girls (in a picture that could badly use some photoshop help...) in their Christmas Eve pj's, just before bedtime.

Christmas Morning...Jo laid face down in the hall and cried. I think it was the craziness of the older girls' screaming at seeing what Santa left and the fact she didn't get much sleep, having to wake up early to get the goods. After a little coaxing she came into the room and saw her very own kitchen. She played with it and flatly refused to open any other presents.

Christmas morning isn't complete without something for Rich to build. Thanks Lisa for these awesome mechanical animals!

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ramsam said...

Mike got an Ipod touch, and Hayden got a Nano- so they spent hours, I mean HOURS scouring the itunes store together and down loading music and apps. It was so fun to watch them bonding, then they built a bike and shot BB guns...a big old bunch of boys.