Monday, January 18, 2010

Essential Oils

This weekend, after a 4 mile run on Friday and a 4 mile walk on Saturday, I ended up with a huge blister on my toe. I think this is because in my effort to get cuter feet, I used my pumice stone on them and made them soft. Too soft for the rigors of running and my shoes rubbed my toes the wrong way.

Anyways - I had this huge blister on my big toe and it hurt. I'd heard both that blisters could be popped and that they shouldn't be popped.

I popped mine. I put a needle in alcohol then poked a little tiny hole in the blister - which I didn't feel at all. Then I squeezed out the water, put a drop of lavender essential oil on it and covered it with a beautiful Cinderella bandaid.

The next morning it didn't hurt AT ALL. It was completely gone.

Why have I ever suffered from a blister? And I vow to not ever suffer through it again....just get rid of it!

I love essential oils, but I don't know much about them. My extent of using them is this:
1- Putting a few drops of Peppermint oil on a tissue and letting Reese sleep with that on her pillow to help her relax and fall asleep. I also put a couple drops on the fabric of Josie's carseat on our last roadtrip to help settle her upset stomach.
2- Mixing 3 drops Tea Tree, 3 drops Lavender, and 1 drop Peppermint with about 2 tsp olive oil and making a massage oil to help with colds and sore muscles.
3- Mixing 2 drops Lavender with 1 tsp olive oil and rubbing Josie's legs to help with growing pains before bed.
4- I dabbed one drop of Tea Tree oil on a pimple and it went away within 2 days... :)

Little by little I'm learning more. And one of the bloggers I follow (What's Cooking Good Looking?, listed in my blog list on the right) had a guest post on another blog where she explained some other simple uses for essential oils. Click here to go there.... I quite often refer to it to see what I can mix up.

I bought my essential oils on my last trip to Utah. I haven't looked for them in Washington. They're probably available at Whole Foods or something else like that. If you know a great place to get them - let me know!


Bennett Family said...

where did you buy them in utah???
i have peppermint (but learned the hard way its a stimulant) and lavendar (much more relaxing) and bought them both at whole foods. KEEP ME POSTED! :)

Shannon said...

There was a natural food store (I don't remember the name) in Provo by the Quilted Bear and a Joann's (maybe it was a Michaels). A little north of Sam's Club. It was a great store.

Shannon said...

Oh ya, Peppermint isn't necessarily for relaxing but for some reason it helps calm Reese.

連絡 said...
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Lynnae said...

I've heard dancers like to massage their sore feet with the peppermint after a workout. I tried it and it is really soothing.

ramsam said...

A couple drops in any bath is heaven to me.....
you can buy Epsom salts anywhere for cheap and drop oils in the package for scented bath salts- so good for muscles!

I love Ylang Ylang, it smell great w/ Lavender, and don't forget peppermint stops tummy aches. Put a half a drop on your hand and lick it off- it works!!!

Also, you can get Cinnamon Essential oil that is great added to any muscled rub. Warming and soothing, gets the circulation going!