Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!!!

I always think I'm going to get a ton of pictures - but at parties - I never end up getting them because I always wanna play with everyone!
The family came over to my house and we played rockband and bandhero for hours. We had 300 lbs of food, most of which did not get eaten and instead we talked about the Biggest Burton Loser contest.
We counted down the New Year and had confetti poppers all over the living room!

After my new years kiss with my hubby, I played a really cool Pride and Prejudice game with my sister. We played games until almost 2:00. When everyone left, Rich and I did a little cleaning and went to bed.
It was a great, fun, party!!!
Happy New Year!


Jon said...

Thanks for hosting!
We had a great time!

ramsam said...

I have decided something after many years of trying new things for the New Years....almost nothing beats the family party.

Looks like you had fun!