Friday, May 7, 2010

The Dreaming

Last night I had a dream that I was selling most everything I owned so that I could see Kate Bush in concert. This is not unlike something I might do.... if Kate did concerts.

I love the album cover above, for The Dreaming. When we first got this cassette:) I remember flipping and twirling it around with my hands....only to stop suddenly worried that the key on her tongue might fall off. Weird I know, but Kate has that affect of people.

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could have only one artist's work, it would be Kate's. If I could have only one album, it would be Hounds of Love. Every song moves me. In Junior High I was obsessed with the story line of the ninth wave. And Cloudbusting would always bring tears to my eyes. Her music sparked my emotions and her lyrics sent my imagination into a frenzy. I would act out an entire theater production in my head listening to her songs.
Theatrical productions are exactly what Kate would do any of her videos on youtube and it may take a while to get over the initial crazy you see as a first timer. I think most of our friends who knew about mine and my family's obsession with Kate thought we were all a little crazy.
She is ARTIST.

Yes, it is beyond shameful that I don't own her album Aerial. Something I plan to remedy very soon. But I'm not going to download it, Kate's albums have to be felt and seen. There's usually cool pictures and hopefully lyrics to the songs.
So would I sell everything to see her? I'd sell a lot, but not everything......
Besides, in the productions in my head, I get to be the heroine :)
Now go listen to Hello Earth from Hounds of Love and then tell me if it doesn't move you.


Lynnae said...

Yes, yes, yes...most people look at me blankly when I profess my love of Kate Bush. 80's kids might remember 'Running up that Hill' or 90's-This Woman's Work, from 'She's Having a Baby'. But I think I can still remember the first time I heard cloudbusting. Were you and I dancing around to 'Wuthering Heights' when I was in College?
I agree with your fave album. It's freaky and lovely. But I would have to include 'Night of the Swallow'.

Artzy Heart said...

I have such fond memories of you girls dancing and lip-sinking in the downstairs hall, all dressed-up in cast-off gowns or prom dresses for our home videos.

ramsam said...

No matter what, I can not hear "Moments Of Pleasure" enough by her. One of my most loved songs of all time....also, "Wuthering Heights"...does it get better than that voice? Those lyrics? The harmony?
A great ode to Kate!

玄雨 said...
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