Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

Write it down or you'll forget:

1- Josie told me she wanted to see her cousin Asher. I said, "We can't. He's in Utah." She said, "He's in my-tah?"

2- One of the highlights of going to their cousins house is to see the chickens. Last time we went they were all caged up instead of roaming free. Adrienne told Josie it was because the chickens were naughty and kept going in the road. On the way home Josie said, "the chickens were naughty. The chickens in time-out. They should say......." (then in a high pitched, throaty voice she said, "BAWK! Sorry!"


Anonymous said...
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Artzy Heart said...

What a sweetie...and you have now recorded for posterity those amazingly clever comments. I have so very few of them written down from when you kids were small. Josie rocks!