Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Okay...so it's really Geocaching. But when you have three girls with active imaginations....the way to get them into the hike and search is to tell them it's a treasure hunt.

We've wanted to try it for a couple years but never had a good handheld GPS system. But now with the iphones, Rich downloaded a Geocaching App and we went for it.

This is on the Rock Creek trail. We forgot to write down the actual coordinates of the cache, and they were coded on the website we were looking at. So we followed the clues and searched around. We were thinking we were in the wrong spot when Reese spotted the treasure under the log.

They were so excited when the opened it. We had taken a couple small toys (old McDonald Happy Meal toys) and traded them for others that were in the box.

The girls had so much fun. Part of the excitement is trying to keep the locations a secret from non-geocachers. Yesterday we went on a spur of the moment after dinner walk to a cache that was just placed a couple days ago 0.2 miles from our house. It's on a busy trail so the kids were whispering and excitedly looking for it while trying to not let anyone notice us.


Shannon said...

Just testing....I changed my comment procedure because I was getting so many random kanji comments.

ramsam said...

If you stop anonymous comments most of that craziness should stop.

We really did a lot of geocaching for a while, I loved it, but our program on the laptop has had some problems so it has been a long time... my kids love it, and the best thing about it is you can do it anywhere- it is a great way way to see interesting new places on vacations. We did it in Florida, Aruba- etc...it is great!

Lynnae said...

That sounds like so much fun! Especially with the kids.