Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When it's fun to be IT...

The reason I love blog tag is because I have something to write about without straining my brain for knowledge or wit. So here's my new I got from my sis, Mona at

Post(without straightening or cleaning): Your Fridge, Your Laundry Room, Your Kitchen Sink, Your Bathroom, What Your Kids Are Doing Right Now (as your taking pics), and Your Self-portrait.

I'm happy when the top shelf is full :)

Some decorations waiting for Halloween Night.

Really boring, but so is most of my house because it's for sale!

Again, pretty boring....but for sale :)

Josie, happy I was destracted taking pictures. After I took this picture I was off to take more pics and forgot about cleaning up her mess. She made an even bigger one.

Ashlynn, didn't want to do her homework, nor did she want her picture taken.

Reese, creating a poster for her Cat Babysitting Business.

Me, wrapped in my half finished scarf with knotted yart waiting for me. My friend Daina said once she was a dabbler in many things a master of none (or something like that). That's how I feel...I love to try everything out...but I love change and motion so I tend to not stick to one thing very long. But don't worry...I will finish this scarf. I love to crochet :)

I had to add this one. As I was taking pics for this my daughter came up and poked me in the eye.

I'm not going to be specific and list names who I tag...because I don't want you to be pressured. But if you check my blog....I probably check yours, so do the tag cuz I'd love to see MORE of YOU!


Lisa said...

Yes, I do think it's a little unfair that you got tagged when your house was for sale - I like it better when my friends' houses are messy like mine so I can feel normal ;)

ACK! Josie is looking like a definite toddler. I don't like that one bit. As the last baby, she has to stay BABY twice as long as the others. Isn't that the rule?

Bennett Family said...

i'm a dabbler too. :) fun post!

ramsam said...

Okay- these pictures are so great, I love the one of Reese's poster and the self portrait ( man that is going to be a cute scarf- I love the colors!)

That is definitely a Josie finger!

Miss Tiff said...

Shannon, good job and good pics. I too just love the poster for the cat babysitting buisiness. She is so cute. Was josie tearing out baby wipes? At least she was making a clean mess. And you look HOT in your self portrait. Beautiful eyes!

I will do this tag, but probably not until my weekend comes, because it may take me a little bit of time.