Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why I like it...

I like t.v. OK. I LOVE t.v. And I'm feeling a little deprived now that the new fall shows are starting up and I don't have enough DVR capabilities. (I used to have the ability to get 4 shows at once and now I'm down to 2!)

But today I'll write about my new favorite show: FRINGE.

It's named after the 'way out there' kind of science expirements that government would never acknowlege - Fringe Science. The show has conflicts that will span the series yet the episodes aired so far have been satisfying and not a bunch of unanswered questions like in Lost.

Fringe, by the way, is partly born from the black-smoke/polar bear/DARMA initiating creator THAT IS J.J. Abrams. So there's action, intensity and an impelling series storyline. Like the X-Files, only it doesn't focus on the paranormal, there is a team of government agents hoping to reel in the madness created from these fringe science expirements. It has cool effects and well cast actors. But my favorite thing about the show is the depth of the characters and the clever writing.

Olivia is pulled into the investigations because her previous partner/love was effected and involved.

She's good because she doesn't overact and even though she's pretty she's not sexed up in the shows. I like the way she talks. I saw an interview with her and she has an accent, but none in the show. I think that's why she talks so low, to cover it up.

Walter Bishop was institutionalized because he was found incompetent to stand trial for a death that occured in his lab. However, because he is the only scientist that can understand what is going on with Olivia's partner, he's pulled out of the institution. In his earlier years he developed and worked on what the investigators are now trying to uncover. AKA "The Pattern."

Walter is my favorite character. He seems lonely and regretful yet he's easy to like and has the best lines of the show.

Peter Bishop is cool. He's a guy with a past and he's not a federal agent. Olivia needs Peter's help to reign in Walter, his father. His character is also well written and the exchanges between father and son are fantastic. He's my QT pie in the show and although he's familiar I never watched him in other shows. (Dawson's Creek?)

Broyles is the agent who oversees Olivia's work investigating the pattern. He's cryptic and doesn't give her the information she needs for the job. Years ago this would have been a groundbreaking character, but with shows like Lost and Heroes, Broyle begins to seem more like a cookie cutter character and has less depth than the others. He makes for an interesting addition nontheless.

Astrid is like a cardboard character and frankly seems out of place in the show. She's supposedly an FBI agent put in the lab to assist but she's pretty much looking through files and running errands. She's the type of character that makes you think..."hey, I could work for the FBI!" Although in this last episode she was pretty mad at Walter and may not forgive him...will she be back in his lab? Me, I don't care if she is or not.

Fringe is on Tuesday nights on Fox, although it won't be airing next week. A new episode will be on October 14.

Maybe you'll enjoy it as much as I do :)


Miss Tiff said...

Holy Crap shannon. Did Fringe ask you to plug their show or what?

I have not seen it, it didn't look to appealing to me. I have a hard time with over the top type of shows, (like "House" etc).

But I am definitly hooked on Greys Anatomy right now. Ivan and I have been netflixing all the seasons. Oh yeah, and I watch "Biggest Loser" it is always motivating for me.

Hey, speaking of motivation, did you run your 5k?

DEBI said...

This post made my dream sequences last night!!! Marc and I were watching TV and the whole time I was trying to place the show we were watching....Then I said to him, "THATS THE SHOW ON SHANNON'S BLOG, WHERE EVERYONE LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE STANDING IN THE SUN ALL SQUINTY...."

talk about WIERD science (dream )