Friday, October 10, 2008

You know when it's quiet...

that something's going on.

There's never really quiet in my home. I say home because a house is only a house until the family is there...that's when it's home. So ya, I suppose my house is quiet. But my home is not.

The three-year old finds a pair of scissors and is cutting her hair.
The one-year old finds a bag of marbles.
The halloween candy stash is found.
New Sharpie artwork is appearing on a wall in the hall.
The toddlers found the lotion. Then the powder. (This makes a sticky paste that covers all the clothes they had just pulled out of the drawers.)

What's happened during the quiet in your home?
(I can't write's already too quiet downstairs...gotta go see what's happening.)


Zappe Family said...

Cereal or crackers all over the floor and carpet.

Pencil drawings on our computer screen.

Escaped toddler outside playing with neighbors without me even knowing he'd escaped.


Bennett Family said...

Vaseline!!! On the doorknobs, on the walls, EVERYWHERE!

Marker on the carpet!

Crackers all over the floor of the pantry!

Putting the keys in the ignition while the car is parked IN THE GARAGE and turning it on!

Ingesting Old English furniture polish.

"Painting" my door with my makeup!

All kinds of fun!

ramsam said...

Finger nail polish dunmped out
Heads stuck in bucket of powdered sugar
fake shaving with real razors

Yesterday the kids were 'playing nice' upstairs. I went up to check on them, and they were playing "hide and go seek' in my extra room....ummm, all you can do in there is dig a burrow and hide in it. I freaked out, because it is already a mess and it doens't need to be more messy! The wiindows were covered in layers of floor mats and a card table- wweel at least they are problem solving, because it was pitch black in there.

Laura said...

...what we wouldn't do for a boring day!

Lisa said...

Quiet at my house is: the day after the girls have been at my house. That's a ghostly, haunted kind of quiet, where you can almost hear their laughter floating in wisps on the air.
Or: the electricity has gone off and there's NO noise - no hum of the fridge, or cable box. That's a creepy, stalker kind of quiet.
A good quiet is going downstairs first thing in the morning on a Saturday, the sun dancing on the floor. Ahhh, I love that quiet.

Miss Tiff said...

shannon, that is to funny. reminds me of the time ashlynn tried to cut her own hair!

My house REALLY IS quiet. it's very nice. ;)