Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your MOM's offensive.....

Somewhere my daughters picked up the line, "no offense, but..."

I hate these types of phrases, including, "with all due respect..." When I hear these words in movies or t.v. shows it drives me batty.

So I explained to Ash that saying "no offense, but..." really means, "I'm going to say something rude to you but it's not my fault if your feelings get hurt." And being the sweetheart she is she stopped saying it...at least around me.

Well last night they were making puppets out of paper bags. Ash turns to me, "Mom, Reese keeps saying that the nose on my puppet looks wierd and ugly."

Then Reese tries desperately to explain, "I said NO DEFENSE! I said NO DEFENSE!"


Lisa said...

LOL!!! LOL!!!!!! LOL!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny!!! Tears are in my eyes!!

"NO DEFENSE!" "I said NO DEFENSE!" Not only the substituted word, but the fact that using it is a free zone. Oh man, that is so hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, could you CHOOSE a better malapropism, if you were writing it? "I have no defense for what I'm about to do..."

Ohhhh, that laugh felt so good :)

wendy said...

That's so funny. Another one I hate is "Excuse my French." If you're gonna cuss, just cuss. And do it in English.

Bennett Family said...

that's hillarious!!!!!!!

ramsam said...

Yea...what about, "I 'm sorry...but...." it is like Dr Phil once said, if you say "BUT" after an apology then the apology is VOID!

How funny that Reese thought she was in the clear with her 'defense", but this may have hleped prove the point to Ash.

So, they really say that to you? Those are some smart girlies you got there.