Saturday, September 27, 2008

What was I thinking?

I wasn't. That's pretty much gotta be the answer. Why else would I sign up for a 5K when I don't even like walking to the bus stop? I just got done with a "practice" run and did better than I thought I would. But now I'm home icing my club foot. (This foot has also been known as my Hobbit foot and on occasion to send good energy to it, I call it my Princess Foot.)

Yes, most of you probably don't know but I did have to wear special shoes with a bar attaching my feet together when I was a child. (I just tried to find a picture of said shoes on the internet and the only sites I saw were for HORSES.?.? ) If it were up to my dr. I'd be wearing the z-coil shoes which have a SPRING on the heel, every morning, noon and night. (Although it might help with my vertical jump for volleyball. I saw something similar on a Scooby-Doo episode.)

So anyway, my 5k is next week. Wish me luck. And if you see me running through the neighborhood and I have a smile on my face, just know that secretly I wish you would sneak up and stab me.


Wendy said...

My sister wore one of those when she was little. I found a picture for you.

Do you own a pair of Z-coils? I have a pair that I wore for back pain years ago. You can try them if you want.

Oh, BTW, club foot or no, what WERE you thinking???

Sarah J. said...

Good for you! Wishing you lots of luck and happy thoughts!!! ;)

chiccam said...

Shannon...It will be fine. No pressure.
I would have never guessed that your foot was hurting today. The one thing that amazes me is how you sing while you run. I have to save all my breath.
We ROCK!!!

Miss Tiff said...

You will do great shane! are you and Cami running it together or are you flying solo! tell me whats up. Oh and thanks for the advice!

Zappe Family said...

You go girl! If you need a running partner, I'll go with you! :)

Bennett Family said...

Good for you!!! How did it go?