Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The times they r'a' changin' but the games stay the same.

Yesterday as I was getting my daughters ready for bed, Reese exclaims that SHE WILL NOT SLEEP ALONE in her room. When I asked her why, she explained that Ashlynn had looked up BLOODY MARY on the internet, and now she's scared. It turns out, Ashlynn was a bit scared too and more than happy to have Reese sleep in her room with her. And have the lamp on.

They have tried to play Bloody Mary with their friends before - by chanting Bloody Mary in the mirror 3 times. But they always run out of the room too scared to finish.

Oh, it takes me back. Way back to the nights when we'd set up a mirror in the dark sauna in the basement. I'd chant Bloody Mary and nearly wet myself trying to get out of the room. Someone would usually be on the other side of the door, holding it closed so I couldn't get out. And that sauna room was freakin' dark. Think of the darkest room in your house and quadruple the darkness. That's what this room was like. AND the lightswitch was on the outside, not inside, where you were trapped with a ghost in a mirror. The chills would crawl up my spine and make the hair on my neck prickle.

So I remember the fear.

I gave them their lecture on not playing on the computer at friends' houses. I don't know what site they were on. I'm sure there are plenty to choose from. In truth, it makes me laugh. When I was young we had World Book Encyclopedias. And there were two things I loved to look at. One was a picture of a baby with herpes sores all over it's face. And the other was the picture of Queen Mary...who in my mind...was and always will be BLOODY MARY!!!!!


Zappe Family said...

That's pretty funny...oh the memories. I remember all the sleepovers and games played such as Bloody Mary! I hope they will sleep better soon!

Lisa said...

That is funny that things never really change, huh. We managed to scare ourselves aplenty with just Encyclopedias. And rock out even with silly old cassette tapes. It's actually kind of comforting to realize that though the world seems so crazy, basically, growing up is the same old stuff...

How mean!!!! Who was on the other side of the door keeping you in? Was that Melanie?!?

ramsam said...

I am so glad that Bloody Mary lives on. You need to take your kids to the sauna to let them get the full affect. There is so much crap in there it scares even me!

My kids have played this before, I think, but it seems a little different for boys. The don't seem as scared as I did. I really hope I didn't lock you in the sauna (but I do rememeber tying Cami up during a game of detectives in there.)

Wendy said...

That game scared me so bad, then the movie Candyman came out way back then, say concept. you can candyman in the mirror 3 times, then he comes. To this day if I am just running in the bathroom to wash my hands, without turning on the light, I get a little freaked out and won't look in the mirror then hurry out.

Bennett Family said...

hillarious! reminded me of being little and my sister (10 years older) would come in my room in the middle of the night to scare me and then invite me to sleep w/her. the little jerk! :)

i never played bloody mary, but i did do "light as a feather, stiff as a board". you?