Monday, September 1, 2008

Brilliant and smart...what a combo!

Am I really a little crazy like my husband thinks? Or am I so brilliant, that it blows his mind, that I'm trying to figure out a way to keep everyone happy as I turn the big THREE-FIVE? Yes, that's right. I'm (seriously so blessed to be) turning 35 in 14 days.'s freakin' me out a bit. So, back to the am I crazy or sane part. I thought it would be a great idea to honor me, with the 14 Days of Shannon. It even looks cool seeing it all-official looking:

The 14 Days of Shannon

So when we went school shopping for the girls I kicked off this great and really fun event by buying a watch and a wallet/purse from the Fossil outlet. Totally cute and helpful to my family. I'll need to be to the bus stop on time = watch. And my credit cards were falling out of my old wallet and once I found them lying on the floor at target = wallet/purse. Also helpful, the fact that I will count these as the first and second Days of Shannon and my family won't be scrambling to find me something.

Somethings I would like for the 14 Days: Journals (but I want to pick these out...covers are a deciding factor), Sweatshirt (I need a good comfy one that fits well. I'll have to pick it out too), books (I LOVE reading book jackets to decide which to buy), Phantom of the Opera tickets (which I'll probably need a new dress, or at least a new jacket to wear over the dress I bought a few days ago), chocolate, gym membership.... I'll think of more later.

Today I got a pedicure with my little girls. It was fun, yet a little stressful because there was only one pedi place open! Labor day :( So it was crowded and we waited a while. But it was great and our toes all look so cute. Although, I don't think I'll count this on the 14 Days of Shannon because it was more of a back to school thing than a birthday thing.

Well, off to bed. The girlies have their 1st day of school in the morning :)!!!!!!


ramsam said...

I can see how great the wallet/purse pick was on your part. Absolutely necessary.

14 days of Shannon should mean 14 memeories? Why not. Here's the first 2

1- Playing "jobs". Were you ususlly a secretary or teacher? I remember always being a magazine columnist. Funny.

2- Getting Ready. We had the music going (Pump up the Jam) and spent as long as we could touching up make-up and trying to straighten hair (before straighteners were sold). I always thought you looked the most like CIndy Crawford. Not fair.

Zappe Family said...

How fun to snoop and see your blogpage! :) I love the pics on the side. You must indulge yourself on your birthday! :)

ramsam said...

Well- it's the 3rd, and I don't see a new post, so I am adding another memory.

I am going to keep this one simple. It is Diet Coke and M&M's. When I buy these things, as much as I love them on my own, I think of you. Some mornings when I pop my 'breakfast soda' I wonder if you are somewhere popping yours, too. And what better to much when the kids are in bed and the DVR is cued up then M&M's? (when you plain, hubby doesn't sneak them as much)

Ahhhh, it's a good thing.

Sarah J. said...

I just love you, Shannon! Way to treat yourself and have fun while doing it!

Lisa said...

OH! I always think of Shannon when I pop my 'breakfast soda' too!!! It's like I have permission to do something indulgent/fun. AND like I'm sharing it with her. (As well as remembering all the good mornings at Shannon's house where that ritual started.) I'm so glad Ramona shared that - now I don't feel like that's my dark secret ;)

Bennett Family said...

shannon-you're hillarious!
i hit the big 35 this year too.
i should have honored myself! great idea! :)