Monday, September 8, 2008

Gimme a 7, Gimme an 8

Hey, as it get closer to my actual b-day...shouldn't the celebrations be getting bigger? I think both my 14th and my 15th birthdays went by without anyone wishing me a happy day until the next day. (And yes that includes my parents!!!) And we all know that sometimes, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

Sunday was great. Rich did the last minute cleaning for our open house AND made me a delicious dinner. Yum ;)

Today...well, I really don't know what's going to happen today! I haven't been shopping and I don't think Rich has either. Although, I did get some really cute cards in the mail today. MERCI LISA! (She's in Paris right now lucky duck.)

Oh, wait. I just read my post and realized I did go shopping. I bought some make-up and a hair accessory. Man, I really know how to keep the surprises coming! Happy Birthday to ME.

Ramona, regarding the ANTM comment from my last post. I still have a copy of one of me laying on "the cube" I don't know where the photograph is but I had a copy of it on the fridge once and Ashlynn's friend saw it and your mom was skinny.


ramsam said...

Man, I hate those your 'mom was comments'. Not fair. You should have said "yes, that was before I became a slave to my children and totally ruined my body by giving birth!" Just kidding.

I am letting you know that I tagged you on my blog- so go peek at it, and get to it. The perfect way to honor the 14 days of Shannon, if I do say so myself.

ramsam said...

HaPpY TuEsdAy Shane-

memories....... I got two things for you.....

Fisher Price

need I say more?