Friday, September 5, 2008

The Fourth

The fourth day...and Rich finally played along. Although, I don't think he knows it. :) I'm feeling crabby, crappy, and crampy and will for 4-6 days. And last night after the girls were all in bed and we were watching TV, Rich gave me some chocolate and a foot massage. Whadda Sweetie.

Okay and for Ramona...the memory it made me think of was exchanging wrist and hand massages during Sacrament Meeting. I mean, man, those giant dot games would wear us out!


ramsam said...

My memory for you is our "hippy chick" video. He had that funky dance we learned from some magazine, and we were decked out. You look cute- I actually look like a stoned hippy. My kids saw that video and were laughing so hard me. They are all like...'mom, you're crazy'.

Krisi still has a copy, in case you are wondering.

Lisa said...

Here's a memory for Shannon: Shannona and Rich drove across country with me when I moved back to Utah from Maryland. Poor Shannon was shoed into the back seat of my little VW Fox. What we didn't know was that Shannon was pregnant with Ashlynn. Also what we didn't know was that my air conditioner was broken. So though I had just had it recharged, it got warmer and warmer with every passing day of the trip. POOR SHANNON!! It must have been so miserable back there!!

Shannon said...

You guys are so fun! Thanks for the sharing.

Ramona I loved that video. Particularly I liked how my shirt kept coming unbuttoned, revealing my sportsbra. And also, covering my face with a mug when I didn't know the words.
Lisa, that trip was tons of fun! I remember feeling so guilty and lazy because I slept SOOOOO much, not knowing I was prego. And for some strange reason I kept picturing Rich's seat coming off it's track and cutting my toes off because I didn't have shoes on and my feet were right behind the track. Gross.
And speaking of videos...go to Reese's blog and see the ones we did. :)