Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting Tagged

I was tagged by RAMSAM at http://samuelsfamilyfrenzy.blogspot.com/2008/09/i-am-offically-tagged.html

This tag is for 6 random and perhaps little known facts about me:

1. I don't think baths are all that relaxing. So I like to take 10-15 minutes after my bath, curled up on my bed.

2. I once went to Sea World and wearing sunglasses, pretended I was blind. It worked because I had a friend who helped me along. (Thanks Marnae!) In one shop I 'accidentally' knocked over a pencil display and felt so bad because the cashier was so apologetic to me.

3. I sometimes like to turn my ipod up as loud as it goes and jump on the trampoline singing songs (not singing outloud...just mouthing) And wondering if a neighbor watched me close enough if they could tell what song I was listening to. (But please don't watch me that close.)

4. I like trashy romance novels cuz I love the romance (especially ones about Historical Scotland or Ireland) but skip over the graphic sex cuz that just wierds me out.

5. About 4 times a year I have a dream about the boy I crushed on all through highschool. Usually in the dream I'm still too shy to talk to him, but sometimes not ;)

6. I DO drink all my Diet Coke. The 1/2 drunk cans people find lying around are not mine, but people just blame it on me cuz they know everyone else will believe them.

I'm new to the blogging world and don't know if these bloggers have been tagged before...but I'll tag Lynnae, Adrienne, Jill, Wendi, Debi, and Sarah.


ramsam said...

Shannon that Sea World story is hilarious! I can't believe sweet little Marnae helpe dyou through that one.

I also can't believe it about the trasy novels..... I just TELL people I skip those parts, but in reality....... hehehehehe

Great job on the tag! I hope you get your rebuttals soon- they are fun to read.
PS- How much did Cami run? I am thinking we could set a goal as a group for the SRC. Including yours, between us all we hit 10.5 miles today. I am proud of that number!

Miss Tiff said...

Nice Job Shannon.

That seaworld story is so sad. It's like when Tom Green did that once.

Next time on the trampoline you should try singing out loud. Just do it right before you move so even if people think you're crazy it won't matter!

Bennett Family said...

hillarious! i LOVE the seaworld story and the trampoline one. cracked me up.

DEBI said...

Answered your tag on my blog woman. Love that Sea World story!!!! You are so hysterical! Funny stories.

ramsam said...

I owe you two Memories for the 14 days of Shannon.

~ I remember the day you call ed me to tell you that you were going on a date with Rich. I was at the dentist office,you were at NuSkin. We were both so excited!

~ How about the song "The Ants GO Marching". Did we sing that to be annoying, or did we really enjoy it? It went of forever, and I seem to remember trying to sing it as loud as possible. What little darlings we were.

Lisa said...

Ha Ha. I thought the 1/2 drunk Diet Coke cans WERE yours. I just assumed you had particular requirements and only liked them as long as they were COLD. If they were too warm from sitting - on to another one.