Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On the third day....

My fun-filled fourteen day event hasn't quite caught on yet. So unless Rich comes home with something other than a smile, I bought my own surprise for today as well.

I was at Target getting pants for my baby who grew 3 inches in 3 months and her 'grow into' clothes from her sisters are packed in A POD! }:-( Well, I saw some scrapbook paper on sale. So I picked it up. SURPRISE! I knew I wanted it but wasn't sure if I was getting it :)

I'm thinking that while half my house is packed up and I have only one kid at home during school time; scrapbooking oughtta be a great activity.

But, Ramona, I really liked your idea of sharing the memories too; so here's mine for today (and it goes great with my scrapbook surprise).

Before the days of vellum and ribbons and brads and texture, our scrapbooking supplies consisted of solid colored paper, a sharpie, maybe some zig-zag scissors if we were lucky, and very plain, very 1-demensional stickers. So... Orange paper, a picture of me at Moab with a black dotted border and some hiking boot 'footprint' stickers made a page that was the shizzette-fo'-shizzle. But mostly I remember Ramona labeling a Las Vegas picture as: CESEARS PALANCE.


ramsam said...

I love those scrappin days. It was so FANCY to cut with decorative scissors. And yes, Cesears Palance... where Jack lives.

Okay- my memory #4 for you is the "Invisiblity Crouch". We knew it didn't really work, but there was something very comforting about crouching down , a hand placed on the ground, and thinking you could disappear after, say, bursting out in laughter at the library or peeing your pants at the sight of an ugly outfit in K-Mart.
Ohhhhh, the good old days.

Bennett Family said...

that made me laugh.
"palance"...something i would do.