Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cinco y Seis dias de Shannon

I picked up a couple things that I need/want and will count them to

~The 14 Days of Shannon~

For yesterday I picked up a photo album. I'm going to try my hand at scrapping the 4x6 way. And on a related note...I have actually already used some of the new supplies I bought the other day. I made three pages from when mi familia (Lisa included) took a trip on the Seattle Water Taxi and went to the aquarium. While doing this I watched a couple episodes of Tabitha's Salon Takeover on Bravo. I need to add getting my hair done to my 14 day fiesta.

Today I picked up an arm band for my ipod nano. I'm really wanting to join the SRC (sisters running club) but have to do it here while they run in Utah. Any WA sisses wanna join me?

Okay.... Have a great weekend and GO BYU!


Wendy said...

I'd walk but this body can't run.

ramsam said...

SRC ran in races today, and it was so great to be there together. Good job on running with us in spirit while doing your own 5k practice out there!

Here is my next memory for you. Our Spring Break road trip to St George and Vegas. Sometimes when I think about that I think, "MAn we were brave! I don't know if I would do that now on my own!!" We hiked, camped, swam in the res, stayed at the Starlight (now gone) and took pictures of us being silly as ever. I am so glad we did that... it is a great memory of my single life.

DEBI said...

Shannon! So fun to see your blog. I will be so sad when you move.

ramsam said...

Quick little memory on this Sunday night. How about the family spook alley we created, with old chicken bones and ketchup for blood. We made evryone wear 3-d glasses, and when they thought a chair was going to 'fly' we actually had Nathan shock them. You gotta admit, we were pretty creative!

ramsam said...

Hi there- it's Monday in every way shape and form for me.

I wanted to remind you about our 'photo shoot' in the basement. We wore that little black lycra dress and played ANTM before ANTM was cool. I love all the pictures we got of everyone else. Mike still loves that picture of me, I think he has a copy of it in his tool box. *embarassing*

Danielle said...

Okay, I would love to join in on some exercise. I would like to work up to running though!! :) I'm not sure what would happen if I jogged further than a block. LOL. I saw Wendy's comment about you moving. Where are you moving to and when? I had no idea.